There is no doubt that the Lexington Public School system provides a rigorous and world class education. However, Lexington has spent decades trying to deal with the symptoms of cramming an ever expanding curriculum into a 40 plus year old class schedule.  These symptoms include stress, poor academic performance, and sleep deprivation, just to mention a few.  Yet, this all boils down to ONE underlaying problem parents hear nightly: “Not enough time!” The teachers don’t have enough time to teach their material in class. Students don’t have enough time to manage a homework load that can consist of as many as 8 different assignments between short and long term each night. Even college students have a more narrowly focused nightly regimen!  As a way to address this problem, I am advocating for Lexington to explore, and hopefully implement either the block or Mod system.  This involves  fewer but longer classes each day with more hands on learning opportunities. These programs already exist in both public and private schools and  they fit into the exact same school schedule; length of day, week, year. Best of all, because these systems already exist, Lexington can use the highest performing examples as models for not only better learning experiences, but best teaching practices.

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Melissa (Mel) Cunningham